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About OY9 Media and Consulting

oie_transparent (1)OY9 Media Network was founded in 2006 as a family of content sites developed for an array of topics as well as provide an array of consulting engagements. In 2010 it was mothballed while the sites continued to enjoy high SEO value and ongoing ad revenue.

2014: OY9.net is relaunching to provide a full array of consulting services for marketing, eCommerce, SEO, copywriting, video production, event development as well as offer a wide suite of services and products through partners to satiate the needs of any client – from a one man office to a Top 25 IR 500 site.

Lonny Paul, Founding Principal OY9.netOY9 Consulting and Media Network was founded by Lonny Paul, a 25+ year veteran of the marketing and eCommerce fields, and continues to lead the organization as the Founding Principal.

To learn more about Lonny Paul and his wide array of skills, check out Lonny Paul’s LinkedIn profile.

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