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MG娱乐网站网址都知道玻璃的主要用途,但是, 尤其是定制产品, there are plenty of options that will tailor the product closer to your needs: for different types of security, 减少声音, 绝缘, heat reduction…we can even tell our factories whether our customers need to reduce lower frequency sounds (like traffic noise) or medium-high frequencies (such as people talking as they pass by).


不管你从MG娱乐网站网址这里买什么产品, MG娱乐网站网址将始终提供MG娱乐网站网址认为最重要的东西:

  • Softcoat 低辐射层(“低辐射玻璃”): 这 is an incredibly thin coating applied to the pane inside the glass unit, and its job is essentially to keep as much electromagnetic radiation as possible on the side of the glass that it originated from, 除了可见光. The reason why we use the “softcoat” Low-E (rather than hardcoat) is that it has lower emissivity – it does the job better!

    So, UV stays on the outside and infrared (heat) stays on whichever side is warmer: so 你会在冬天保持温暖,在夏天保持凉爽.

  • 充氩MG娱乐网站网址的每个玻璃单元至少都充有氩气. Compared to just using air inside the unit (which is still an option on a lot of products…), 氩气在绝缘和降噪方面都有改进. MG娱乐网站网址也可以提供氪气, 在这两个领域,哪一个会带来更多的好处, but the cost to performance ratio for krypton arguably doesn’t make this upgrade worthwhile.

  • 暖边间隔: aptly named, this is a form of glass spacer around the edge of the unit that reduces cold-bridging. Without a warm edge spacer, so much heat would be lost through the edge of a glass unit. The positive side-effect of using this technology is that less condensation should form around the edge of the glass (since it’s not as much of a cold-spot).

  • RAL 7032卵石灰色木材门窗,配有玻璃条

    在MG娱乐网站网址的 康普顿茅草小屋玻璃升级 画廊.


There are two main types of safety glass and, in most cases, we use a combination of both.

  • 钢化玻璃: as the name suggests, this glass is much harder to break than a standard pane. To gain this property, glass is heated up to over 600 degrees centigrade and then rapidly cooled. If something or someone does manage to break this toughened pane (certainly still possible), 玻璃会比原来碎成更大的碎片.

  • 夹层玻璃: is simply two panes of glass sandwiched together with a strong binding resin. 如果玻璃碎了, 这个夹层是用来固定玻璃的, 防止窗户破碎.

So, why do we recommend that people use both in the same unit instead of just doubling-up on one option? Well, both offer very different benefits…so why shouldn’t you take all of them? Our windows are designed to last a lifetime – University research has proven some products have a 使用寿命80年以上, so it would be a shame to miss out on a relatively inexpensive glass option.

作为一个起点, it makes sense in our products that any window requiring safety glass should have a laminated pane internally. 部分原因是 laminated glass placed on the internal layer provides the best 减少声音. 也因为, 以防有人不小心掉进玻璃里, 层压板将尽其所能“捕捉”它们, 而不是碎成更大的碎片.

因为MG娱乐网站网址已经放置了(很厚:6.8毫米)玻璃夹层内部, we don’t want to ruin the 绝缘 of the unit by fitting another thick pane on the outside: the area that the argon gas fills is very important. 因此,一层更薄(通常为4毫米)的钢化玻璃被放置在外面. 这 钢化玻璃也有助于解决外部损坏的常见原因. It will do its best to shrug off footballs, golf balls and most burglary attempts.

Tinium 2 + & 2020切样品


If you live near a busy road and want to block out as much traffic noise as possible, tell us! 任何产品都应该能够为您提供某种形式的声音还原, 但重要的是要知道每个选项的作用。

MG娱乐网站网址在引言中提到: traffic produces lower frequencies of sound than someone talking outside the window. So it’s a good idea to have in mind whether you need to block out primarily those lower or higher frequencies.

简单一点: 在同一单元中使用不同厚度的玻璃总是更好的. 这很简单, 如果有声音碰到玻璃的共振频率, 然后另一块玻璃会抑制噪音. 对于更高层次的频率,它自己做了很多工作.
如果你经常听到路人的谈话, simply upgrading the outer pane to 6mm (leaving the inner pane at 4mm) can make a noticeable difference.

然后,对于交通噪音,另一个因素在起作用: the heavier your glass unit is, the better it will be at blocking lower level frequencies. 所以,从逻辑上讲,玻璃越厚越好(?)好, yes…but let’s not go overboard because it’s important to keep a good space between the panes to keep good heat 绝缘.
通常是加上一个8.8mm层压面板是很好的中间地面, 因为PVB层压层同时也有助于减弱声音.

Perhaps a good time to bring in the idea of triple glazing: this will also improve 减少声音, 但它的成本效益不如添加层压层. We tend to recommend triple glazing primarily for heat 绝缘 rather than acoustic.


在MG娱乐网站网址的 Avon上的Bradford木材覆盖的谷仓转换 画廊.


If you have an elevation with a lot of glass and a lot of sun, this is well-worth considering. Again, there are many options, but it’s less complicated than it may initially appear…

你只需要考虑两个数字, since most solar options will be graded along the lines of “70/35” or “60/40” etc. The first number relates to the % amount of light allowed through the glass (0% is completely opaque) and the second number is the amount of solar gain (heat) that’s allowed through (0% is zero solar gain).

国内应用程序, it very rare for a customer’s home to need anything stronger than 70/35 or 60/40, just because it’s not a good idea to stop all solar gain from entering a home (think how cold it is on a winter morning, 然后一整天都不要增加任何来自太阳的热量……)

Please do bear in mind that most solar options will add a tint of some sort to the glass. So, if you have a normal pane of glass next to solar pane, you’ll most likely notice the difference.

牛津郡的Lacuna Doors

在MG娱乐网站网址的 马车房转换 画廊.


目前, 大多数顾客选择缎面酸蚀刻的浴室. 这 is a very minimalist solution without any pattern at all – just a soft satin effect that’s very effective at distorting anything even a small distance behind it. 旧的属性可以适合模式,以下是一些选项:


浴室玻璃可能也适合这里. 然而, 对于完全不透明的溶液,可以考虑emalit玻璃. 这仍然是一个普通的玻璃单元, but is not possible to see through at all thanks to it being solidly coloured. 你可以选择与框架或其他任何颜色相匹配的颜色!



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